Your business plan is a snapshot of your business and associated financial goals. Before launching a business, research your target industry and competitors, and if you need outside funding, financial projections that support your request will be required. Make use of templates online to assist you in writing an original business plan. This will serve as a roadmap, laying out how you plan to start and run your enterprise. Choose a realistic location, first and foremost, to give yourself a chance at success.

You need to learn the balance between high-traffic and high-rent, in order to select a viable location and adhere to zoning laws. Low rent often spells no customers, so if you can’t afford the rent for a quality high-traffic location, reconsider your business ideas. Working capital is always in short supply, but has to be enough to cover the first six months. To begin, you must obtain a Tax ID, register a business name, and get a business license. Also, you must select a business structure that matches your operation, whether that’s self-employment, a partnership, or incorporation. Further, if you are planning to hire other people, regulations get complicated very quickly, and you should consider hiring an attorney.

Write a 1-Page Business Plan
by William U. Pena, MBA, Author of The 3 Day Entrepreneur
5.5K students 278 active students (19 Reviews)

Start a Business
Executive Summary
DBA Name
Company Description
Business Plan Tips
Doing Business
Estimating Startup Costs
Developing a Marketing Plan
Understand Your Market
Small Business Resources
Choosing Your Business Location
Service or Product
Build a FranchiseManagement
Decision Making
How to Incorporate
Sole Proprietorship
Home-based Business
S Corporation
LLC, Limited Liability
Women Owners
SBA Agreements
Export Assistance
Leasing Equipment
Commercial Space

Consumer Goods
Real Estate
Electric Power
Food & Beverage
Health Care
Govt Surplus

Sales, Marketing
Market Analysis
Sales Training
Online Marketing
Television & Radio

Human Resources
Job Descriptions
Background Check
Hire a Contractor
Hire Employees
Managing Employees
Employee Handbooks
Employee Benefits
Health Insurance
Job Search
Starting Salaries

Business Finance
Breakeven Analysis
Cash Flow
Credit Cards
Funding Request
Venture Capital
Grant Writing
Research GrantsAccounting
Financial Projections
Financial Statements
Business Tax ID
Federal Taxes
State Taxes
Tax Planning
Wills & Estate PlanningInvesting
Mutual Funds
Investing Tools
Stock Screener
Stock Quotes
Interactive Charts
Most Active
Company News

Fair Practices
Federal Licensing
State Agencies
Employment Law
SBA Legal Resources
Criminal Law
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Trademark Law
Copyright Law
Small Business Law
Internet Fraud
Accounting Law

Online Security
Security Online
Social Media
Identity Theft
Cybersecurity Tips

Closing a Business
Closing Business
Selling a Business
Exit Plan
Transfer Ownership


Business Tests – Free Practice!

Each of the following multiple-choice business management tests has 10 questions to work on. No sign-up required, just straight to the test.

Management Tests
Management – Test 1
Management – Test 2
Management – Test 3Finance – Test 1
Finance – Test 2General Law
Criminal Law – Test 1
Criminal Law – Test 2

Finance Tests
Stock Trading
Behavioral Finance
Options – Test 1
Options – Test 2Financial Ratios
Bond valuation
Present ValueBasic Accounting


Starting a Business

Write a 1-Page Business Plan
by William U. Pena, MBA, Author of The 3 Day Entrepreneur
5.5K students 278 active students (19 Reviews)

Entrepreneurship — From Idea to Launch
by Dr. Jeff Cornwall, Professor of Entrepreneurship / Author
32.1K students 934 active students (297 Reviews)

21 Critical Lessons for Entrepreneurs
by Docstoc Videos, We Make Every Startup and Small Business Better
40.7K students 649 active students (431 Reviews)

Build. Measure. Learn. Lean Startup
by Eric Ries, Author
59.5K students 744 active students (402 Reviews)

Entrepreneur’s Checklist
by Steve Blank, Serial Entrepreneur
40K students 306 active students (546 Reviews)

Office Software

Quick Start Excel for Beginners
by Jennifer Bailey, Experienced off-line and on-line tutor
6.6K students 362 active students (41 Reviews)

Intro to Microsoft Excel 2013
by Simon Sez IT, Software training to help you succeed
5.6K students 280 active students (17 Reviews)

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013
by Simon Sez IT, Software training to help you succeed
3.4K students 150 active students (21 Reviews)

Doing Business Online

Make a Passive Income Online
by Mike Omar, Online Entrepreneur
26K students 2.9K active students (146 Reviews)

Creating a Business Website
by Rob Cubbon, Graphic designer and marketer
14.4K students 389 active students (68 Reviews)

Web Hosting 101: Your Website Live on the Web
by Brad Hussey, Pro Web Slinger at Code College
13K students 344 active students (256 Reviews)

How I Make a Living Online
by Glen Allsopp, Former Marketing Manager for Land Rover, Nissan & HP
9.2K students 458 active students (33 Reviews)

Reaching Your Kickstarter Goals
by Richard Haberkern, An American Inventor
4K students 64 active students (44 Reviews)

How to Create Your Udemy Course
by Udemy Instructor Team, Official Instructor Account
85.7K students 7.1K active students (61 Reviews)

Online Marketing Skills

Google Adwords: Profitable Campaigns
by Gary Kind, Developer, Author, Marketeer
8.6K students 439 active students (29 Reviews)

Making Facebook Pages for Businesses
by Jerad Hill, Professional Learner and Sharer of Information
21.3K students 464 active students (131 Reviews)

YouTube: Video Marketing
by Alexander Sebastian, Marketing Made Easy
4.6K students 185 active students (13 Reviews)

Marketing on LinkedIn
by Three Sixty Academy Courses
5K students 123 active students (20 Reviews)

Zero Cost Marketing Strategies
by Dan Hollings, Zero Cost? Maybe you could get used to it?
30.4K students 731 active students (287 Reviews)

Build Striking One-Page Websites
by Christian Spowe,
3.4K students 239 active students (6 Reviews)

Prove It! Testimonials That Sell
by Jeffrey Gitomer, King of Sales
5.4K students 54 active students (42 Reviews)

Finance & Investing

Value Investing Code
by Millionaire Investor, All About Value Investing!
50.9K students 2.1K active students (129 Reviews)

Guide to the Stock Market
by John Ducas, Investor, Trader & Entrepreneur
6.9K students 577 active students (24 Reviews)

Business Job Listings

As the economy improves, many firms are beginning to hire. Companies are in need of candidates that can fill a particular job position, so set up an introductory meeting to ask questions about the firm’s history, and current business opportunities. They are watching for those candidates who are trying harder than others, thus your first task is to set yourself apart. Hiring managers typically post new jobs on targeted job sites, which we have sampled. Browse current job openings below, by clicking on the type of position that you’d like to pursue.

Each link below lists current openings: Starting Salary
(up to)
10 Year Salary
(up to)
Accountants $60,670 $84,050
Advertising Sales $51,370 $71,280
Billing $30,640 $53,930
Bookkeeping $31,780 $46,020
Budgeting $63,920 $93,080
Business Managers $74,070 $124,070
Cashiers $17,930 $27,210
Claims Investigators $42,750 $79,170
Couriers $32,580 $47,680
Credit Analysts $60,190 $80,280
Employment Specialists $46,060 $90,030
Executive Secretaries $39,160 $59,740
Financial Analysts $71,240 $118,000
Hotel Clerks $25,480 $37,030
Human Resources $32,200 $48,320
Insurance Sales $58,450 $85,090
Loan Officers $61,930 $97,040
Logistics $45,370 $75,310
Property Management $52,290 $85,170
Public Relations $40,670 $79,880
Purchasing $43,730 $78,650
Receptionists $23,810 $33,750
Retail Sales $27,200 $42,930
Sales Managers $62,730 $112,730
Secretaries $28,460 $41,550
Shipping $27,480 $40,590
Tax Preparers $33,160 $56,640
Telemarketers $24,190 $58,430
Wholesale Buyers $51,010 $83,080
EMPLOYERS:     Post Jobs     Search Resumes


Business Department Rankings – Undergraduate

 1. University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI
2. University of California Berkeley – Berkeley, CA
3. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI
4. New York University (NYU) – New York, NY
5. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) – Los Angeles, CA
6. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, NC
7. University of Virginia – Charlottesville, VA
8. University of Washington – Seattle, WA
9. Indiana University – Bloomington, IN
10. University of Texas Austin – Austin, TX
11. Penn State University – State College, PA
12. Michigan State University – East Lansing, MI
13. University of Minnesota Twin Cities – Minneapolis, MN
14. Rice University – Houston, TX
15. University of Maryland – College Park, MD
16. University of Southern California (USC) – Los Angeles, CA
17. Georgetown University – Washington, DC
18. University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA
19. Brigham Young University – Provo, UT
20. Ohio State University – Columbus, OH